MMA Betting Strategies

mma betting

Mma betting is a lucrative venture for those willing to invest the time and effort. However, the sport is unpredictable and it is essential to understand critical factors when making a wager, including fighters’ records, fighting styles, strengths and weaknesses, and injuries. It is also necessary to learn which factors to ignore.

A bet on the winner of a fight is called a money line wager. This type of bet is the most straightforward to make, but it does not pay out the largest amounts. To maximize payouts, a bettor should focus on placing bets on underdogs in the early stages of a fight. This strategy is especially effective when a fighter’s skills are well-matched with their opponent.

Another profitable MMA bet is on the over/under round total. This bet relates to how many rounds the fight will last and is set by oddsmakers. In MMA, each round lasts five minutes. The oddsmakers will set the over/under based on the fighters’ styles, the number of rounds scheduled, and any other relevant information. In addition, they will calculate the over/under’s price – known as the vig or juice – using the implied probability of reaching that mark.

A bettor can place bets on the method of victory, which is defined as a fighter being knocked out or submitted. A knockout occurs when a fighter hits their opponent with enough force to render them unconscious. A submission is when a fighter applies pressure to the opponent and causes them to lose control of their body. Depending on the rules of a specific fight, a referee can stop the match after a certain amount of time to protect an injured fighter.

The most common mistake in MMA betting is picking the fighter you like most. This can lead to huge losses if the fighter has a poor record or is not in good shape. Often, a fighter’s style is what makes them win or lose. For example, a defensive style fighter is more likely to win a decision than a striker.

One of the most popular MMA prop bets is on significant strikes, which are referred to as “punches that hurt” in sports betting. These are essentially connected punches that demonstrate tangible damage. While this type of prop bet can be complicated to calculate, a bettor can get the best odds by choosing the underdog for this type of bet. In addition to significant strikes, a bettor can place bets on other types of props, including a particular round and a specific stoppage. These bets are more precise and yield higher payouts. However, they are riskier than other types of MMA bets and should only be placed after careful analysis of the matchups and fighter styles. MMA stances should be considered as well, as they can give fighters an advantage or disadvantage. For instance, orthodox fighters may find it difficult to defend against a southpaw. Fortunately, there are tools like OddsJam that can help you find the best bets in MMA.