Covering Politics Like a Horse Race

A horse race is a type of race in which the jockey and the horse follow a prescribed course. The jockey is required to ride the horse safely and clear the hurdles in order to reach the finish line on their horse. Prize money is often split between the first, second and third place finishers. The prize money goes to the named owner at the start of the race. The purse is paid to the named owner of the winning horses.

horse race

A horse race is a way to get a glimpse into the world of politics and the political process. It also gives the public a window into the inner workings of politics, and focuses attention on the races themselves. Without election handicappers, coverage of the presidential race would be nothing more than a rambling series of policy white papers. Moreover, the presidential campaign is a long one with 22 months to go. As such, a single story can provide a window into the minds of voters and lead them to the candidate who will best meet their needs.

While it is tempting to focus on the frontrunners in an election, a horse race is a much better way to get the public’s attention on a particular race. Not only does this provide an insight into inside politics, it also focuses reader attention on specific races. But it also gives the media a clearer focus on a specific race, which helps keep the coverage focused and more relevant to the candidates’ interests. This method of election coverage entails the possibility of a wide array of perspectives.

While a horse race metaphor may seem a bit trite, it works well for covering politics. The coverage of these races is more relevant and helpful to voters than a broad discussion of the issues, which is usually the most difficult to understand. Besides, the horse race metaphor is a helpful tool in guiding voter choice. It allows the media to focus on the issues, rather than the candidates’ character. And, the media’s emphasis on appearance over substance is a big advantage in political campaigns.

A horse race metaphor is an effective way to frame a political race. The media’s focus is largely on the candidates who are “frontrunners” in the campaign. However, a horse race metaphor also risks focusing on the race’s substance, rather than its beauty. That’s a common mistake in news reporting. In fact, the media’s main purpose is to highlight the candidates’ personalities. By using the horse metaphor, the media also aims to promote their political skills.

The horse race metaphor is also useful in politics. By focusing on the frontrunners, the media can give the public a window into the inner workings of a candidate. A horse race metaphor also provides an opportunity to focus on a particular race. The frontrunner in a political race may be a good example of a candidate’s character. The media’s attention to these candidates can be very distracting. That’s why the political press has begun a new genre.