Is the POP compatible with the iPhone 5?


What is the difference between POP Station and POP Portable?

POP Station – Plugs into the wall and is great for areas where an outlet is close by. The power needed to charge your device is easily accessible through (4) retractable cord reels – each with a dual functioning Apple/Micro-USB adapter. In addition, the POP Station has 2 USB ports on the underside that is perfect when you need to charge devices that use a different type of power connector.

POP Portable – Same awesome features as POP Station with the additional benefit of a massive internal battery, capable of charging up to 10 smartphones with a single charge. POP Portable allows you to bring your POP anywhere for convenient charging. Great by the pool, camping, conference room tables, waiting areas, etc.

How many devices can you charge at once?

POP comes standard with 4 chargers, however, there are also 2 additional USB ports on the underside, which allows you to charge devices that use a different type of power connector.

What devices are compatible with POP?

POP is capable of charging all Apple iPhones and iPads, as well as Micro-USB devices. This includes, but is not limited to: iPhone (all models, including the iPhone 5), iPad, Kindle, BlackBerry, Android, and more. Also, underneath POP are 2 USB ports for charging other devices such as cameras, Bluetooth headsets, or any other device that uses a different power connector.

Tell me more about customizing my POP…

After purchasing your custom logo POP, we will contact you requesting the artwork of your choice. We will try our best to be accommodating, however, we won’t be able to fully wrap a POP with artwork. We will give you the option to have both the front and back faces applied with your artwork. The artwork is be limited to 3” in height, running down the length of the housing. To properly create the decal, a vector file is necessary, meaning an .ai or .eps file. If your logo or artwork is formatted in .jpeg or .png, then we can convert it, but the quality will not be as good.
Can POP be plugged in AND charge multiple devices at the same time?
YES. This is one of the features that makes POP so cool. It can both charge devices and be plugged in charging itself at the same time.

What are the shipping rates for the U.S. and abroad?

Please see shipping rates below.

How do I charge the POP Portable?

Every POP comes with a 100/240 Volt AC power adapter. If you live outside of the U.S., please email us at help@edisonjunior.com and we’ll make sure that you get the appropriate power adapter.

How do I know how much battery life is left in my POP Portable?

POP Portable has an LED light indicator on the underside that tells you how much battery life is left before needing another charge.

What output do the chargers have?

POP can simultaneously deliver 2.1 Amps (the amount needed for fast charging) to all 4 cables. This is something very unique about POP.

When will my POP(s) ship?

We’re aiming to have POP’s ship by January of 2013

What are the dimensions and weight of POP?

POP stands 6.45 inches tall and has a diameter of 5 inches. As of right now, the final production model should weigh less than 3.5 pounds.

Are the iPhone/iPad cables Apple certified?

Yes, they are certified cables and we pay Apple a license fee for their use.

What kind of battery does the POP Portable have?

We are utilizing Lithium Ion batteries in POP.

How long are the retractable cords?

The retractable cords will be at least a foot and a half in length.